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Kathleen Parker: The GOP isn’t doomed. It’s dead.

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That is the title of this superb Washington Post column, which to put it mildly, is absolutely on fire, superbly written, with prose  at which you cannot help but go”Wow!”

I will not go through the entire column, because you really should read it.  Trust me.

It begins simply enough, but as you will quickly see, by the end of the second paragraph Parfker’s words are — to put it simply — on fire:

With the electoral eviction of Donald Trump from the Oval Office, Republicans had a shot at redemption and resurrection.
They missed and failed — and deserve to spend the next several years in political purgatory. The chaos now enveloping what’s left of the Grand Old Party after four years of catering to an unstable president is theirs to own. Where conservatism once served as a moderating force — gently braking liberalism’s boundless enthusiasm — the former home of ordered liberty has become a halfway house for ruffians, insurrectionists and renegadewarriors.

Note that last groups of words:  a halfway house for ruffians, insurrectionists and renegadewarriors.

But as you can see below, she is just getting started.

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