Eternal vigilance ahead for 90 days. Even with the 1968 noise Trump wants 2016 back because it may be the only real victory he’ll have.

Rovian math 2012 comes back sprouting turd-blossoms. Remember how Karl Rove “openly acknowledged that the function of his propaganda was to create a mythology and then use the power of empire to validate it.” Rove’s relevance wanes, but he does have an appreciation for vote manipulation also desired by Trump. Protect GOTV.

In May 2020, it was reported that Rove has been advising President Donald Trump's campaign for the 2020 presidential election.[104] That same month, Rove accused former president Obama of engaging in a “political drive by shooting” after Obama gave a commencement speech to historically black colleges where he criticized the federal government's response to the coronavirus pandemic.[105]

“Not a single Democrat Party leader has disavowed the rioting taking place in these cities.”-



can’t spell “Portland”



— Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 (@jennycohn1) July 7, 2020

On November 6, 2012, Rove protested Fox News' call of the 2012 presidential election for Obama, prompting host Megyn Kelly to ask him, “Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better? Or is this real?”[95][96][97]…

“By August [2016], the US Intelligence community had reported that Russian hackers could edit actual VOTE TALLIES, according to 4 of Obama’s senior advisors.” -Rigged by @davidashimer



— Dan Greenberg (@dmgreenberg340) August 1, 2020


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