Her closing statement could be taken figuratively and literally. Karen Finney had the most important message to Democrats & GOP today.

Karen Finney nails it

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I was really disappointed with the overall coverage of the Sunday morning shows today. Recently, Anand Giridharadas appeared on the Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell and provided some context to the challenging times Americans are going through. He gave Americans hope that we were going through pains to create a country that really represented the world. I was hoping that we would have more of that on the Sunday News shows. It was not to be. Then near the end of “This Week,” Karen Finney did it.

Karen first expressed faith in the work Democrats have started doing. She then castigated Republicans for trying to sweep the unpatriotic treasonous insurrection under the rug. But then she made an important statement Democrats better heed as we are the worst promoters of the Democratic, the Progressive message.

“It's incumbent on Democrats to also as we now know in this modern media environment,” Finney said. “To do a better job of communicating who we are, what we stand for, and what we're fighting for in terms of the things that are in the package that Biden has put forward. Anybody who is opposing that, again, a majority of Americans voted for Joe Biden. These are all the ideas that he campaigned on. So if you're opposing that, you're opposing the moving forward of this country.”

Finney made sure to correct the record on the Georgia win. In an effort that seemed to deny all the hard work by Stacey Abrams and grassroots organization, the notion is that the wins can be attributed to Trump's bad acts. The reality was the hard grassroots work that brought the win.

After trying to join the conversation while others abused their time, Karen took the last minute and ensured she was not interrupted and had the most prescient message.

“I will go back to my core message here, which is,” Karen Finney said. “There cannot be unity in this country without accountability, and that is part of how we move forward. That is part of how Chuck Schumer is going to have to lead the Senate in terms of holding people accountable if they don't vote to support these policies. “The larger test of this moment in history is not just about convicting Donald Trump. It is about accountability and understanding the divisions in this country and figuring out how we unify and heal and move forward, and acknowledging that these divisions have been exploited by Trump. But they exist. This is who we are. It's not who we have to be.”

It could not have been said any better.

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