Dodge City, Kansas Mayor Joyce Warshaw quit two things, her mayorship, and her Republican Party. She felt safe, no more.

Kansas Mayor would take it no more.

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According to the Washington Post,

The emails and voice mails to Dodge City, Kan., Mayor Joyce Warshaw began pouring in last month, after the city commission voted to require everyone in town to wear masks indoors.

Some anonymous messages told her that she was restricting civil liberties, Warshaw told The Washington Post. Others said she should go to jail over her vote.

But after the western Kansas city’s uphill battle against the coronavirus pandemic was highlighted in a USA Today feature Friday, the messages grew more frequent and aggressive: Burn in hell. Get murdered. One person simply wrote, “We’re coming for you.”

So after nearly eight years in government, she called it quits Tuesday.

“They were loud, and they were aggressive, and they frightened me and my family,” said Warshaw, who had been serving her second stint as mayor. “There’s a strong part of me that wants to say they are only words. But people are angry right now, and I don’t know that for sure.”

Many Republicans are channeling Steve Schmidt. Will we get more Republicans transitioning from Independents to Democrats? If so, the Democratic Party will begin busting at the seams. One viable party?

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