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Kamala Harris on TRMS: At Minimum, House Should Investigate Kavanaugh.

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I don’t have the transcript, but the gist of Senator Kamala Harris’s thrust on The Rachel Maddow Show (TRMS) was the following:

  • FBI investigation of allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh was a “sham.”  Trump controlled the investigation, dumped thousands of pages of documents on the Judiciary Committee at the last minute, and FBI never interviewed Kavanaugh.  Total days of FBI investigation was seven.
  • Harris says it is up to the House Democrats to launch an investigation of the allegations against Kavanaugh and how this sham process occurred.
  • When pressed by Maddow that the Senate would never convict Kavanaugh if the House impeached Kavanaugh (Nadler says House Judiciary is too busy to impeach Kavanaugh), Harris forcefully says an investigation is needed for justice and the integrity of the system.

Harris tacitly acknowledges that Kavanaugh will not be impeached, but she argues that the allegations against Kavanaugh are so serious that not even doing an investigation to get at the facts is a betrayel of justice.

And I agree with her.

Women who are the victims of sexual assault rarely get their day in court.  But if those charges against Kavanaugh are true (I think they are), the only justice for his victims is that all his deeds are brought out into the light.  

And Harris brought up one solution if the other committees in the House are swamped — appoint an outside counsel to investigate.  Republicans will not care who the Democrats appoint (partisanship!) because “There is nothing here!”, but Harris recommended finding someone non-partisan.  I have no idea if this is feasible to be honest.  I’m not a lawyer.

But kudos to Harris for not letting this lie.

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