Kamala Harris 1 minute before she goes live is the thing I needed today


Wow. And I thought Obama was cool as a cucumber.

Please enjoy this short video taken of Kamala Harris before she goes live explaining how to brine a turkey. This woman has been tasked to do nothing less than save our democracy. Meanwhile, the GOP war machine has launched every sexist, racist, immigrant, birther, kitchen sink trope they can think of to smear her and her family, and she’s about to go to battle.

This would take a toll on most people, but here’s Kamala:

I am crushing so hard right now.

Just for comparison, here’s Angry Creamsicle before an Oval Office address, obsessing over himself. No tough questions, just reading off a teleprompter. It’s not the least bit cute. It’s all about him, and it’s weird.

Of course these petty antics aren’t enough for me to hate him. Nope. The fact that he’s trying to destroy the Post Office for political gain, allowing Russia to target our soldiers, and thought genocide would be a good strategy when Kushner wrongly told him the virus would only affect blue states is more than enough to hate him.  All of those things I just mentioned, by the way, happened JUST LAST MONTH. There’s many, many more reasons to hate this awful man.

America has been in an abusive relationship for four years. Everyone else in the world sees it, but 35% of us simply refuse to. The fact is that we are living with a lying, violent, cheating, deranged orange narcissist. We need to make a clean break this November.

The good news is that we have the opportunity to be with an amazing, faithful, compassionate, intelligent, and, well, functioning team. We deserve a healthy relationship. Let’s give that a try this time…

  • August 16, 2020