As we all begin to turn our attention to the Supreme Court again, I came across the below YouTube video of a 2009 debate between US Supreme Court Justices Breyer and Scalia.  It is a breath of fresh air and I believe it is unthinkable today.  (Scalia may deserve some credit for this as he seemed to enjoy such public debates and there are other videos up, such as him semi-debating RBG.).  You certainly won't see this level of  candor in a confirmation hearing.  So, if you enjoy all things Supreme Court related, I strongly recommend that you give it a play.  

I will say that Justice Stephen Breyer has been overlooked, and to a degree (no doubt he doesn’t care) overshadowed by RBG.  Breyer was long thought of as an obvious Democratic Supreme Court nominee.   He is sort of ostentatiously an “old time” intellectual, and a progressive leaning intellectual.  And in that vein, his few prior public appearances (and book tours, CNN, etc.) have sometimes made him look like an effete, academic type.

But he is not.  He is smart, patient, polite . . .  and devastating.  Just watch.