Congress Snark

Just leave “god/s” out of this.

Watching congress impeaching the Gaslighter in Chief.

To be clear. I was raised as a Lutheran, and I am now for many years a non-Theist Buddhist.

From what I was taught as a child I am damn sure neither God nor Jesus wants nor cares to hear the political wrangling going on and those lying will be punished in due course [Revelations 22:15].

  • Luther said: Peace if possible, truth at all costs.
  • Buddha talks more of the harm that you will do to yourself.
  • Shakespeare: Polonius to Hamlet: To your own self be true.

The phrase “God Bless America” has no more meaning than when a Scot uses “Fuck” or Londoners the “c-word”, it is purely automatic.

If God/s exists and is listening I am sure s/he is thinking “here we go again”.

Stop it.