There’s something very much like the Tiananmin protest of 1989 happening in Hong Kong right now, but it’s not 1989 anymore, so you wouldn’t necessarily know it—even if you dutifully watch the news. The news media has laid off thousands of journalists for the bottom line, finding it cheaper to hire talking heads who focus on domestic politics.

To make matters worse, our government now openly supports dictators and autocrats instead of having the decency to do ugly stuff behind closed doors. Now we won’t see a civilian staring down a tank on the news. Instead our media will be discussing our president’s daily outrage. We won’t hear a president championing global democracy. Now it’s about who can give us a dubious, “good deal.”

America today isn’t worthy of the sacrifices of our forefathers. We’re just another country. If there was ever anything to American exceptionalism, we sold it. I wish I could say what we got in return.

  • November 18, 2019
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