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Julia Louis-Dreyfus & The Cast Of Veep Reunite To Help Joe Biden Win Wisconsin

Received this e-mail today from Emmy Award Winning Actress, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, on behalf of the Wisconsin Democratic Party:



I’m so excited to announce a cast Reunion of VEEP to support the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and all their efforts to change the course of history!

Chip in $27 (or another amount) to watch a cast reunion of VEEP with special guests.

Corruption, egomania, and unbridled incompetence – when we were working on the final seasons of Veep, we thought we were making a comedy, not a documentary.

Trump’s disastrous response to COVID-19, his relentless attacks on the foundation of our democracy, and the magnitude of his and his children’s corruption have put the United States in a dire place.

On the plus side, Trump has found plenty of time to play a lot of golf.

The only way we can balance the scales is by removing this danger from the White House, and we can only do that by delivering the state of Wisconsin to Joe Biden in November.

Our reunion event will include a discussion of the show and politics, a fan Q&A, and special guests.

Chip in any amount to watch the VEEP reunion and support the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s efforts to defeat Donald Trump!

Let’s elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by making sure they win Wisconsin!

Thank you,

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Click here to donate and RSVP for the event.