Joy-Ann Reid slams Trump as she calls the complicity of many

Recently, Joy-Ann Reid, host of the new show The ReidOut. appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell. She explained how we got out failed, president.

Joy-Ann Reid prescient statement on Trump.

Watch the full episode here.

Joy-Ann Reid said it was complicity across the board that gave Donald Trump the presidency.

“There is complicity across the board in this country for Donald Trump being allowed to even be in a position to be president,” Joy-Ann Reid said. “He has gotten away with it all. The banks knew that he wasn't going to pay them back but they went along with the fiction because they thought, 'Well, if we just stick with him, maybe we'll get our money back.' You had Mark Burnett play along with this fiction.”

Reid then details the caricature.

“It was a joke that Donald Trump was just the only one not in on this idea that he was a successful businessman,” Reid continued. “Everyone around him in the business world that was a developer knew he was not. It's all been a fraud. And the media and everyone that's played into the fraud by playing his rallies by ignoring his racism by calling it racially charged instead of racist and giving him a break and saying we'll just play one more rally. We'll give him a break. “We'll say well he's the president so let's respect the office and treat him like he is. President Donald Trump has gotten away with this his whole life and this is why he's incompetent because no one has ever said you know what Donald Trump, you actually have to perform. You actually have to be good at this in order for you to earn these positions. He's always gotten it for nothing. The father gave it to him. The family gave it to him. The media has given it to him. Enough! That is why Donald Trump is a failure as a president.

This piece is not unlike the very powerful segment that Joy-Ann Reid did just after the election where she admonished the Trump voter. Or the segment where she scolded the Republican elite making it clear that Trump present the message Republicans would not say aloud in the past.

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