Joy-Ann Reid exuberant personal take about the Democratic National Convention was inspiring

One of the better parts of the DNC day-3 coverage was watching a happy and exuberant Joy-Ann Reid as she stated that the DNC is showing what America could become.

Joy-Ann Reid Could not hold back her exuberance.

Watch the full episode here.

Joy-Ann Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Nicolle Wallace were doing their pre-DNC banter. They were giving their impressions of the past two days. And that is when Joy-Ann Reid just let loose with a personal and profound narrative. She first reminded us that President Obama was elected, he picked Biden, and then Biden picked Harris. She made an important connection. But she continued.

“Assembled at this convention was, you know,” Joy-Ann Reid said. “American Samoa got to show out and all of our, you know, Kansas was also equally showing out. And we saw everything from the, you know, the cornfields out west to, like you know, Maryland where we're like Harriet Tubman.”

Reid would then go there. She reminded many of an inconvenient truth.

“You know, that is actually the potential America has always had and they didn't intend to have it. The men who formed this country had no intention of even making their wives a little more than property. Like they were fine with their own wives being basically property and they accidentally created a country that can have this convention. I'm proud of this country because of what I'm seeing. Forget the partisan part of it. Forget being a Democra. It doesn't matter I think anyone who cares about America and who loves this country should feel extremely proud of the vision that we've seen of what America has the potential to be if we let it.”

The happy feeling was contagious. You could see Rachel and Nicolle just watch knowing the joy that Joy was feeling.

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