Joy-Ann Reid calls out the 70+ million Americans who forsook the lives Trump put in danger

Joy-Ann Reid’s statements make it clear that Biden's desire for unity must come after those 70+ million who supported Trump's action to hurt are called out on it.

Joy-Ann Reid is on point

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Joy-Ann Reid knows exactly what to say at the right moment. She heard that the Biden/Harris ticker had won the 2020 Presidential election as she left her COVID-19 test. Was that poetic justice or what?

There is much time to start the unifying process in the next few weeks. But until then, the 70+ million people who were not sufficiently empathetic to understand the emotional, psychological, and material damage Trump has inflicted on many, her Reid's platform to inform is imperative.

“It's like a new day, Lawrence,” Joy-Ann Reid said. “It's like this city has woken up from a slumber.”

Reid then went into a confirmation of a harsh soliloquy she gave right after Trump's undemocratic Electoral College victory in 2016. While many are saying not to “dump” on the Trump supporter, she said there are important truths they must listen to before unity can begin. They must understand the hurt their vote indirectly inflicted on the majority of this country. And that, that he did it with a minority vote.

“We had 4 years of mass deaths,” Reid said. “240K of our fellow Americans have died. And Donald Trump was vowing to kill another several million of us through herd immunity. He didn't care about the dead. He ripped a few thousands or more for their parents without a second thought.”

Reid went on to point out that he had bonafide racists working for him in the White House. She reminded us that no federal employee could discuss systemic racism. The Trump administration reversed many policies to ensure equity. They destroyed immigrant families. They were putting our healthcare at risk. She went on with the vile evil that the president was inflicting on both his supporters and detractors.

Voting for Trump does require some atonement. One should do it if even from within themselves.

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  • November 7, 2020