Jonathan Capehart just gave us the Dukakis in a helmet ad for 2020


I don’t know how many people are old enough to understand the Michael Dukakis in a tank wearing a helmet commercial. The important thing was the visual. Dukakis did not look good. It was the start of the rule candidates must never wear a hat. Well there is also another rule. President’s should never dance. At his rally in North Carolina yesterday, on the day the COVID death toll reached 200,000 Trump was dancing to a 1970’s anthem (From the Village People!!!). He did of course look ridiculous. Capehart showed this on his show and pointed out the day Trump did this on. I sure hope the Biden people were watching and they see the found gold here. Can you imagine the commercial — Trump dancing on the day we reached 200,000. But it is the visual, Trump looking like a total doofus. Please make this commercial.

Maybe somebody can post the video when it is available.