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Johnson and Johnson's Vaccine 85% Effective Against Severe Covid-19

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J & J’s vaccination  global trial shows it to be 85% effective against developing severe Covid 19 and about 66% effective in preventing the disease altogether. This is somewhat disappointing since these results are well below the 95% effectiveness of the two vaccines already approved in the US.

The vaccines already being given by Pfizer and Moderna require two shots to be fully effective but the J & J vaccine requires only one, and it does not need special refrigeration as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do. It can be kept for three months at 36 to 46 degree F.

Johnson and Johnson is expected to apply to the FDA for emergency use early next week. It will be very helpful to have a third source of the vaccine as production of the other vaccines has been too slow.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the J & J vaccine could still be quite useful in reducing hospitalizations.…

“If you can prevent severe disease in a high percentage of individuals, that will alleviate so much of the stress and human suffering and death.”
The vaccine’s efficacy against moderate and severe disease ranged from one country to another: 72% in the US, 66% in Latin America and 57% in South Africa. This was measured starting one month after the shot.

The protection of the J & J vaccine did increase over time. According to Dr. Mathai Mammen, the company’s global head of research and development:

“Across all geographies, across all variants, we see 85% protection” against severe disease, he said. That trend increased over time, with no severe cases in the vaccinated group after day 49, according to the company.
From one month after the shot, all hospitalizations and deaths occurred in the placebo group.”…
Mammen said the vaccine was well-tolerated, with a “vanilla, even boring, safety data set” that included no cases of a severe allergic response known as anaphylaxis. About one in 11 had a fever, but only 0.2% were considered “Grade 3.”
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