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John Lewis would want us to take the Florida Dem Party to task. CALL! Give up the list.

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Have you read Zen Trainer’s Diary?  Have you heard what is NOT happening down here in Florida?   We need some help and the Dem State Party is holding our Dem district candidates hostage.  

This is from Zen Trainer’s Diary.…

 140 District Project worked so hard to get to run. They recruited candidates to run in EVERY state legislative district, an historic achievement. They did it without the Parties help and guess what? The Party still isn’t helping!
Even now that a big state politician (Nikki Fried) has stepped up and said that she would pay for the list for everyone, the FL Party still isn’t giving it up. They want candidates to make 250 calls from the Party’s list before they give them their own VAN list.

They want candidates to make calls encouraging folks to vote by mail. The calls might or might not be in the candidates districts. Why make the candidates do this kind of slave labor? Why not hire college kids? High school kids? 10 year olds?


What the hell is going on?  No wonder Florida keeps losing.   

John Lewis told me sometimes good trouble is necessary.  There is such a thing as good trouble.  Squeaky wheels get the grease.  Be a squeaky wheel and let us make the State party stop acting like they are taking directions from Trump himself.

If you want to pay tribute to John Lewis and all he stood for then do this.

Be a hero… this and this too is from Zen’s diary…

Don’t get me wrong, the candidates want to make calls, they want to activate voters. They just prefer to activate voters in their own districts. How can they activate voters if the Party won’t give them the list?

Maybe you could help by asking the Party officials why they aren’t helping their own candidates.



                                   Rosy Gonzalez-Speers —  Senior Advisor —    (850) 222-


I will add, I know you can help.   The Florida Democratic Party is slacking if not downright failing.

Pick up the torch of GOTV…I spoke to John Lewis years ago and I know how much he wanted  good Americans to not sit by and watch people wreck the get out the vote efforts.   We need that list.  

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