John Eisenberg, Who Hid drumpf's Not So Perfect Calls on Secret Server, Knows from Quid Pro Quos.

Deputy White House counsel John Eisenberg is camera shy, so I’m gonna let Baghdad Bob stand in his stead in the top photo.

Eisenberg is the guy that stashed Don the Con’s quid pro quo call (and God knows what else) into the NSC’s super secret server, presumably to follow the letter of the law by archiving the record, but violating the spirit of the record preservation law by putting it where it can never be accessed.

This isn’t Eisenberg’s first quid pro quodeo in this White House however – as remembered by the redoubtable emptywheel on Twitter:

(from above)

Empty wheel has more to say on the subject and you can explore her tweets to peruse her thoughts on the matter.

But if her damning statement that Eisenberg has been trying vainly to wash drumpf’s greasy palms since his tenure in the W.H. beganis correct ( and empty wheel is usually correct) no telling what he has stuffed in there…because greasing palms is just the way mob bosses do business.

  • October 31, 2019
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