Joe Scarborough scorches GOP with a retort even Progressives agree with emphatically

Joe Scarborough did not mince his words as he slammed his former Republican friends. There was a degree of honesty worth admiring.

Joe Scarborough gets it right here

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We should probably call this post the laments of Joe Scarborough. He points out some unfortunate truths about many of his friends in the Republican Party.

The truth is that Scarborough and other regretful Republicans were all complicit in the rise of Donald Trump. They either gave him early plausibility or used him to keep the entertainment portion of a “Bread & Circus” America from seeing the light.

But we should all be empathetic. We should all support redemption. What we cannot allow is for the redeemed to dictate the terms of America going forward. They must earn the right after creating an atmosphere that almost destroyed our Democracy.

“What I don’t understand,” Joe Scarborough said to Nicolle Wallace, another Conservative, “Is why the hell the people that you and I grew up with, you and I worked with, you and I campaigned with, I don’t know how they lost their way, how they turned their back on constitutional norms and embraced an autocrat, an autocrat want-to-be, a former reality TV host, who really has cost great damage to this Republic. Not only domestically, but internationally as well.”

That message is for Trump’s enablers and sycophants. One hopes they are listening.

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