Joe Scarborough ridicules Kevin McCarthy & his Democratic list: The 4yrs of McCarthyism are over.

Joe Scarborough ridicules Kevin McCarthy & his Democratic list: The 4yrs of McCarthyism are over

Kevin McCarthy was talking retribution for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee removal. Joe Scarborough excoriated him.

Joe Scarborough went off

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Joe Scarborough ridicules Kevin McCarthy‘s comment on the House floor about a purported list of Democratic representatives he has in similar situations as Marjorie Taylor Greene. These guys forget too often there is an active internet that monitors everyone. The fact is, the errant congresswoman is just that.

“Do you have a long list, Kevin?” Scarborough asked sarcastically. “Do you have a long list of a Democratic member in Congress calling for the assassination of Donald Trump? “

Joe kept calling out the odd things about Greene and asked McCarthy to come up with a Democrat that acted similarly. Of course, there aren’t any.

Republicans are experts in creating false equivalencies. They claim the protests over the murder of various bodies of color by cops is similar to the unpatriotic seditious insurrection against the Capitol in DC. There is no equivalence neither with the insurrection or Greene’s thuggish behavior.

He shouted out, “The 4yrs of McCarthyism are over.”

I guess Joe is continuing his atonement process. After all, he, along with many journalists, let many of them slide till the alternate state of reality metastasized into the Right-Wing movement.

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