A new ad from former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign accuses President Trump of shirking responsibility for the federal government’s coronavirus response and blasts him for feuding with governors.

The new ad, viewed first by The Hill, is called “Buck Stops Here,” and it accuses Trump of being obsessed with his critics, rather than with protecting Americans.

“The buck stops here,” the narrator in the ad says. “Harry Truman said it. It means no excuses. It means taking responsibility, the ultimate responsibilities for the biggest decisions in the world. Every great president has lived up to it.”

The ad then cuts to remarks the president made at recent briefings, in which he blamed former President Obama for a shortage in testing capacity.

“I don’t take responsibility for it at all,” Trump says in the ad.

The ad also features Trump’s remarks in which he describes the federal government as a “backup,” and says that governors should be taking the lead.

“The governors are supposed to be doing a lot of this work,” Trump says in the ad. “We’re a backup. We’re not an ordering clerk, we’re a backup.”

“Donald Trump thought the job was about tweets and rallies and big parades,” the narrator in the ad concludes. “He never thought he’d have to protect nearly 330 million Americans. So he didn’t.”

Biden hasn’t put any money behind this ad yet but he it is going to be a part of his upcoming ad cycle buy.

In other news, Biden is beating Trump in 11 swing states according to NBC/WSJ’s latest poll:

There’s good news and bad news for Joe Biden in our new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

We’ll start with the good news for him: Biden leads President Trump nationally by 7 points among all registered voters, 49 percent to 42 percent (though that’s down from his 9-point advantage a month ago).

And when the race is reduced to 11 swing states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — Biden’s combined lead over Trump is 6 points, 49 percent to 43 percent.

Demographically, he’s where a winning Democratic nominee usually wants to be: His biggest advantages are with African-American voters (where he leads Trump, 85 percent to 7 percent), Latinos (60 percent to 26 percent), voters ages 18-34 (54 percent to 31 percent), women (56 percent to 35 percent) and whites with a college degree (55 percent to 37 percent).

He’s also is at 42 percent among all white voters (Obama in 2012 was 39 percent here, and Hillary Clinton in 2016 was at 37 percent).

And Biden leads Trump among voters who have a negative opinion of both candidates, 60 percent to 10 percent. (In 2016, voters who had negative opinions of both Trump and Clinton broke overwhelmingly for Trump.)

But here’s the bad news for the former vice president: while he leads Trump by 20-plus points among voters 18-34, they have a net-negative personal opinion of him (a fav/unfav of 25 percent/44 percent), which is a definite warning sign for Biden.

When asked if they trust his statements about the coronavirus, a plurality of voters — 42 percent — said they weren’t aware of his statements or didn’t have an opinion, while 26 percent said they trusted him and 29 percent didn’t. (By comparison, Trump is at 36 percent trust, 52 percent don’t trust, and 10 percent not aware/no opinion.)

And finally, Biden trails Trump by 11 points on which candidate better handles the economy, 47 percent to 36 percent.

Bottom line: Biden’s in the driver’s seat, but there are definite warning signs for him with six months to go — even though the incumbent president has many more flashing lights for him in this poll.

FYI, you can also add Texas to that list of swing states Biden could win in:



— Nate Cohn (@Nate_Cohn) February 28, 2020

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