Joe Biden’s distilled speech forcefully & effectively describing Trump’s America and solutions.

Joe Biden did not let Donald Trump get away with making this anything but Trump's America. It's clear Trump has nothing to run on.

Joe Biden comes out swinging

Watch the full episode here.

If Trump believed that Joe Biden would stay in his bunker and allow him to lie indiscriminately about his record, today made it clear that would not be the case. Biden came out swinging.

Trump should have been more careful in launching an attack of this type. Because ironically it opened the door for Biden to be more mean than Democrats are usually comfortable with.

By the time Biden was done, it was clear Donald Trump has nothing to run on. His administration is a complete failure. And the only thing he is left with is to attempt to project his failure on Joe Biden. The thing is, it is not likely to work.

The video clip in this post is a distillation of about a 6-minute section of the speech that was all-encompassing. I removed the long pauses to optimize your time. Watch the full speech here. Transcript of the clip here.

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