Joe Biden supporters welcome all the Bernie supporters and realize we may not live to see another election with what we have in the present administration.  

The reality is, there is no pathway for Senator Sanders.   The virus took the normal campaigning away.   VP Biden has the delegate lead and has won state after state after state.  

The reality is these are VERY serious times and even at best, normal canvassing cannot be done and that is a reality regarding this general presidential election.   It is time to use our energy and rally around the obvious.   Money is drying up and listening to David Plouff , respect for Senator Sanders is well deserved but Donald Trump needs to be defeated.   All Sanders supporters are welcome to get behind the nominee and Sanders will be a great surrogate.   

Some of us wont’t even be able to vote in the general election and vote by mail should be encouraged.   Senator Sanders needs to even think of his own health at this point.  Biden will have to campaign in a different way in a general election.  

Many of us feel bad for many who feel they have not had their vote for the Senator but the ones who have overwlemingly went for Biden.

It is time.   We are in a place we have never been.   I wonder if we will even have a convention in person….It may have to be skyped.  Who knows?   I feel it is time for Bernie to realize  the primary is over considerding primaries are scheduled to happen weeks before a normal convention time.

It may not  have be en your 1st choice…  But, now  It is the only choice.  Life or Death choice.