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Joe Biden Was Elected President – in 2016

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Trump won in 2016 by running an insurgency campaign. Hillary was the epitome of the liberal elite who had taken over government and were using it to make us pay reparations to Blacks, to make every woman get an abortion, to …. well, insert your own QAnon screed. Trump was going to be the unconventional president, he would drain the swamps, upend all the political norms, and show the libtards what for.

Well, now it’s 2020, and Trump is running for re-election. A presidential re-election is almost always a referendum on the incumbent’s first four years. Despite his brags and bluster, Trump knows he doesn’t have a good record to run on, not with 200,000 and climbing dead Americans largely owed to his incompetence. So he’s trying the one thing that worked for him in the past: Run as the insurgent against the incumbent.

Oh, you thought Trump was the incumbent? Silly you. Joe Biden is the incumbent president, didn’t you know? After all, Trump Blames Biden for Lack of National Mask Mandate.

Biden did have a quick response:


Evidently, the Malignant Mangoface has forgotten that. Aaron Blake writes in the WaPo;

Trump’s increasingly overt effort to pretend Biden is actually president

President Trump and his allies have consistently employed this creative reelection strategy: Speaking about Joe Biden as if he’s the current president. They’ve shown or described scenes of violence and called it “Joe Biden’s America” — despite these scenes playing out on Trump’s watch and Trump having promised four years ago to put an end to them.

Whenever there’s violence, Joe Biden is at fault for not sending in the federal troops to put it down, or something:

The Trump campaign has regularly labeled the scenes as ones of “Joe Biden’s America,” including in an ad last week titled, “This is Joe Biden’s America.”

In the same town hall Tuesday night, Trump also attached Biden to Democratic mayors of the cities in which these scenes are happening, as if he is in charge of them.

Here’s  the RNC chair (the one who dropped “Romney” from her name because Trump told her to):

Just a few days ago, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel attacked Biden for his coronavirus commentary by saying, “Joe Biden can’t run from his disastrous record responding to the coronavirus. The truth hurts, Joe!”

Really? As Blake points out, Biden is a private citizen and has no power to respond to respond to the coronavirus, so no record, disastrous or otherwise. Is this projection, or projectile vomiting?

Ronna Romney McDaniel took umbrage when reminded of this:

After Todd interjected in his interview with McDaniel that Biden is not, in fact, the president, she added: “I think it’s disgusting to take a crisis in our country and try to lay it at the feet of the president.”

I’ve often said these past few years that I would love to be a historian 100 years from now writing about this. I mean. I could never sell this as fiction. Let’s make sure the voters don’t buy it now.

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