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Joe Biden to immigrant rights activist: Vote for Trump

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Certain personal attributes are not transferable. Joe Biden attempting to channel Trump shows why he is incompatible with a Democratic Presidency.

Joe Biden has a way of showing a disregard for minority concerns in practice. Many will point to him being part of civil rights type legislation which is important. However, for many people, one’s current acts reflect what the potency and efficacy of future legislation and actions are likely to be.

Common Dreams reported the following.

During a campaign event in Greenwood, South Carolina Thursday night, former Vice President Joe Biden told a protestor who confronted him over the Obama administration’s mass deportation policies to “vote for Trump,” prompting outrage from immigrant rights groups and activists.

“You should vote for Trump,” Biden repeated as Carlos Rojas, an organizer with Movimiento Cosecha, urged the former Vice President to depart from the destructive record of the Obama White House and support a moratorium on deportations.

Biden, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, refused to agree to the demand, insisting that he will “prioritize deportations only of people who have committed a felony or a serious crime.”

Rojas replied that he wants to ensure immigrants living in the United States don’t have to live in fear of deportation and separation from their families.

“You have the power, as a candidate, to actually commit to stop all deportations from day one—and we want to hear you say that,” Rojas said.

Joe Biden fails to acknowledge the humanity of those affected by deportation in the tonality and substance of his response. But it is clear that is what he wants a certain part of an electorate he is seeking and he is willing to sacrifice one for another because he believes the former has nowhere else to go.

President Obama chose Biden to reach some that were still stuck in the country’s past sins. As opposed to growing and encouraging growth, Biden is taking us back.

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