This is why I early voted for Joe Biden.  I have said he could step into the office from day 1.   The speech today with real solutions of what needs and should have been done has proven the point.

I think Sen. Sanders who I voted for in 2016 in the primary has motivated much of the young people and brought much to the table BUT I believe we are in a different place than were we in 2016.

Biden brought reassurance yet immediate plans on how this national emergency should not be shunned nor thoughts and prayers of a magical disappearance.  He brought common sense and logic plus caring, I know for me and my family.   He worked in the trenches with Obama on Ebola in 2014.   He looked, acted, and sounded presidential.   Trump is clueless.   

This is about life and death, and science grounded.   It is not about rich and poor or democratic or republican.  It is about a worldwide pandemic.   It cannot be solved with Hannity nor Mitch or on the golf course.

I thank Vice President Biden to couragesly step in front of the American people and say what needed to be said last night, rather than rebranding the virus to a Stephen Miller talking point.

Thanks for listening.  This is how one leads a country.  Thanks Joe.

Stay safe, and let us all hope our lives above all else are saved through this crisis.  If Trump and Pence refuse to take care of their own health with tests upon themselves, do you really think he cares about testing the rest of us?

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