Joe Biden will not take it sitting down. He hits back. And when one hits fallacies with unabashed truthfulness, Americans will respond.

Joe Biden hits back

Our derelict president and commander-in-chief, as well as members of his administration and his sycophants, are making the incredulous claim that a Biden administration will give you all the things you are currently seeing in America that are wrong right now. And they are banking on Democrats going on the defensive for a crime they did not commit.

It was refreshing to see Joe Biden in a Republican National Convention Trump Speech pre-emption, to set the record straight. He used Trump’s own words to remind Americans of one important reality. The angst Americans feel now. The disruption of our economy. The tens of thousands of deaths in America right now. The poverty Americans are seeing. The food lines they are seeing. This is not what Americans will get if they elect Biden. Biden says it best with one simple phrase.

“This happens to be Trump’s America,” Joe Biden said.

Listen to the entire interview. Joe Biden is running a much better campaign than many of us expected. Now let’s get busy and win this thing. Let’s engage everybody.

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