Received this e-mail today from presidential candidate, Joe Biden, on behalf of the Wisconsin Democratic Party:

We’re fighting for the soul of America. If we give Donald Trump another four years in the White House, he will fundamentally alter who we are as a nation.

The road to the White House goes straight through Wisconsin. The great people of the Badger State are crucial to restoring our values, rebuilding our middle class, and unifying this country.

We’re Americans: tough and resilient. We choose hope over fear. Science over fiction. Truth over lies. And unity over division. And together, there is not a single thing we cannot do.

Will you chip in $10 today to my campaign and to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s grassroots team, which is so important to winning in November?

If you haven’t had a chance to contribute, or if you’d like to help us start off the month on a good foot, please send your support to our digital organizing teams who played such a vital role in electing Justice Karofsky.

In Wisconsin, grassroots teams worked together to elect Jill Karofsky to the state Supreme Court, despite conservative judges suppressing the extension of vote by mail options during a global pandemic.

Wisconsin Democrats know how to win. They have incredible momentum after sweeping statewide elections in 2018. With your support, we will work together to make sure Donald Trump is a one-term President. Republicans have stockpiled millions to make sure we don't succeed. We’ve already seen their senseless attacks against me, against Governor Evers, and against Democrats across the country.

So if we are going to be successful in this election, it's imperative we hit our fundraising goals so we have the resources we need to win.

It's going to take committed Democrats like you to do it. We need your help now more than ever.

Can you chip in today?

Thank you for everything you do,


Click here to donate to Biden and the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s campaigns.

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