Joe Biden had a shocking response on Confederate statues I did not expect

Joe Biden made a statement that the Right-Wing is likely to go wild about. He did not condemn protesters removing symbols of oppression, statues, but it is what else he said.

Biden shows empathy towards protesters

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Joe Biden must be given kudos for this one on empathy. It is an answer most politicians would not give. The Hill wrote it up as follows.

“The idea of bringing down all those Confederate monuments to Confederate soldiers and generals who strongly supported secession and maintaining slavery and going to war to do it, I think those statues belong in museums, they don’t belong in public places,” he continued.

“I think with regard to those statues and monuments, like the Jefferson Memorial, there’s an obligation that the government protect those monuments because they’re different. That’s a remembrance, it’s not dealing with revering somebody who had that view. They had much broader views. They may have had things in their past that were now and then distasteful, but that’s a judgment.”

The former vice president argued that local governments should lead in the peaceful removal of statues glorifying the leaders of the Confederacy. But he said that he understands the “anger and anguish” of those who would like to see them toppled by protesters.

“I can understand the anger and anguish that people feel by having for years and years been under the statue of Robert E. Lee if you’re an African American,” Biden said. “It’s always better to do it peacefully … the elected officials where those statues are have a responsibility to remove, put them in museums. Get them down … and don’t be surprised if someone pulls down the statue of Jefferson Davis. It’s better that they do not, but it’s fundamentally different than … grabbing Jefferson off his chair.”

He is on the right side of history on this one.

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