Jimmy Carter: Trump is an illegitimate president

Oh, snap!


I know Donald Trump isn’t one to criticize others, but I suspect he’ll have to respond to this, right? Come on, Trump. Respond to your critics! It’s time!

Of course, Jimmy Carter is 10 billion times* the man Donald Trump is, so when he speaks, he commands attention and respect. 

Personally, I think Trump is an illegitimate president because the Constitution says you have to be human to run. But Carter is probably right, too.

Oh, and this:


Okay, that one’s kind of obvious, Mr. President.

What does Walter Mondale have to say (a question I ask myself every morning)?


All right, that one is even more obvious. But it needs to be stated nonetheless.

Thank you, thank you, thank you President Carter and Vice President Mondale. We need this kind of input from our elder statesmen in order to withstand the daily depredations of our gaslighter-in-chief.

And President Carter, you’re a national treasure. Truly.

*Did I say 10 billion times? Technically, that’s wrong, because it’s impossible to divide a number by zero.

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