Jim Jordan just got the scorching of a lifetime on Twitter

I live in Oregon. My Thanksgiving is likely to be just my wife and me eating either a vegan roast or, if we’re too lazy to turn the oven on (and that’s a distinct possibility), perhaps takeout Thai food.

But if we were going to have lots of people over (which, again, would be a bad idea), I really wouldn’t worry that the gendarmes might hie to our homestead and bash in our door with a battering ram.

Also, I follow the news pretty closely, and I don’t recall Gov. Kate Brown legalizing rioting and looting — in Portland or anywhere else. Then again, I’ve only lived here for five years. Maybe that’s part of some obsolete, antediluvian law that no one pays attention to anymore — like the law about not dressing a llama in alpaca clothes or going trick-or-treating in nothing but Spider-Man Underoos.

Anyway, that’s all just a modest digression from this Giza pyramid of guano:  


Ouchies …

Gym won’t be coming back from that one anytime soon. 

But I’m glad to see Republicans are still fervently clinging to their credo — which remains, always and forever, “Viva Fetus!” and “Fuck you, Grandma!”

Republicans “fought” the coronavirus like they’ve fought racism and poverty — with one hand tied behind their back and both eyes closed. And, alas, now we have to fix their mess. Again.

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  • November 18, 2020