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Jill Abramson presents a big test for the mainstream media and for the New York Times

I admit I am no fan of the New York Times. I did respect Jill Abramson however as the first woman editor of the Times. I have to be honest this breaks my heart but it is important test for the media. This Twitter thread points out multiple instances of Abramson taking other people’s work and integrating it in to her own, showing numerous instances in just a few chapters. It is from her just released book Merchants of Truth. Abramson claims there are many footnotes, but really that is not how footnotes are supposed to work. These types of instances are supposed to be in quotation marks with specific authors and pages cited. Abramson and publishers say they are investigating. This is kind of bullsh*t. There are multiple applications that crawl through the Internet looking for even similar passages. Professors run them for papers by students. Editors run them automatically for submissions before they send them out for review. This is really easy and standard stuff.

This is bad. Considering the way politicians journalists don’t like get destroyed for far lesser “crimes” it seems this should be a major story about ethics and integrity at the New York Times and journalism in general.  This means not just saying that there is a charge of plagiarism but carefully going over the evidence. I am especially looking at the front page of the New York Times.

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