Enough with the credit where credit is due stuff. Enough with, well he’s got a great platform.  Dana Milbank is an a**hole. He always was an a**hole. He always will be an a**hole. He is one of the reasons our national is in this mess. Does anybody remember his stupid little “television show” with Chris Cilizza.  Yes he can put down Trump. It is shooting fish in a barrel. My fifteen year old niece does great put downs of Trump.  It is completely safe. It does absolutely no good at this point. People’s opinions of Trump are baked in.  Wake me up when he puts down McConnell for supporting Trump (I’ll sleep a long time).

Right now there is a diary at the top of the recommended list lauding one of Milbank’s articles. Milbank wrote a clever (and I want to reiterate safe) piece about Trump’s narcissism.  Like the hundreds of articles on his narcissism that have been written since he took office. It will not help save up from Trump or the conservative movement that spawned him one bit. As a matter of fact is takes the focus off those supposedly “normal” people who are enabling him. And the first chance he gets Milbank will run back to his “both sides do it well” that he draws from. When he’s writing about president Kamala Harris he’s going to be featured on Red State.

Stop it, please, I’m begging you.