Jerry Ashton, Co-Founder and Director of Education & Engagement for the non-profit organization RIP Medical Debt, discusses how they liberate people from strangling medical debt.

Jerry Ashton explain how he annihilates medical debt

Jerry Ashton has more than 40 years’ experience in the credit and collections industry. In 1995, after almost 20 years in the industry, and dissatisfied with the way he saw debtors treated, he founded CFO Advisors, Inc., in New York City.

At one point his specially trained teams from all over the U.S. serviced more than a half-billion dollars annually in receivables. His clients included Johnson & Johnson, Hearst, Gannett, RR Donnelley, Snelling and Snelling, and Biosense Webster.

Jerry is the co-author of “End Medical Debt: Curing America’s $1 Trillion Unpayable Healthcare Debt” which reveals the hidden truths behind the crushing medical debt affecting more than 64 million Americans. Ashton also co-authored the book, “The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector: A Medical Debt Survival Guide” with Robert Goff.

When one listens to Jerry, it is clear that RIP Medical Debt solves a problem he believes inflicts a lot of pain on too many people. His passion for removing the stresses of medical debt from Americans is needed now more than ever. With the advent of COVID-19, premiums will see medical debt exploding. That doesn’t include what the future holds for the 24 million people who have lost their jobs – for at least half of them their insurance along with it.

We should all give a personal thanks to Jerry Ashton. He presents an ingenious way to liberate the burdened. Jerry wants hopes our medical system changes in such a manner that his organization is no longer needed.

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