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Jennifer Rubin – Trump “spitting on the graves of 2,996 people killed on 9/11…”

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Actually her entire quote in the Washington Post is….

”Trump can hug the flag all he likes, but it doesn’t make up for spitting on the graves of 2,996 people killed on 9/11 and nearly 2,400 American men and women who died in the war in Afghanistan.”

Wow. Rubin may still be a Republican, but she sure as hell ain’t afraid of Trump’s tweets and she speaks with a moral clarity that too few journalists muster.

After upbraiding Senators Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) or Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) for not speaking out against the *Resident for his reprehensible plan to invite Taliban leaders to Camp David, where FDR hosted Churchill, she acknowledged Liz Cheney at least spoke against it….


…before asking how the hell Cheney can still support his re-election:

“That does not explain, however, how she could support the reelection of such a dangerously clueless president, who might very well try this stunt again. Cheney need not support a Democrat, but how in the world could she back this president over, for example, his newest Republican primary challenger, former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford?”

But she really hits her stride in her final three paragraphs.

Speaking first to Republicans:

“Indeed, their (the Republicans) only principle is to stay in the good graces of a president so lacking in common sense and decency that he’d extend hospitality to those who harbored the murderers of thousands of our fellow Americans.”

Then to Democrats and all Americans.

“Here the Democrats running for president really need to step up. They need to tell the American people something like this: Trump’s attempt at personal diplomacy is the last, and most horrid, example of his narcissism serving the interests of our worst enemies. Democrats should explain that while a negotiated settlement of the war in Afghanistan — or an end to North Korea’s missile program or any other conflict — is ideal, having the president extend his stature to enemies with no preordained outcome only enhances our enemies and diminishes our own leverage. If the only issue were Trump’s humiliation, we frankly wouldn’t care. But in behaving as he does, he humiliates the United States, encourages bad actors to challenge the United States and actually makes it harder to achieve international agreements. He is not informed, stable nor of sufficient character to be our commander in chief. Congress and his Cabinet need to work together to disable the biggest national security risk, namely Trump.

Trump can hug the flag all he likes, but it doesn’t make up for spitting on the graves of 2,996 people killed on 9/11 and nearly 2,400 American men and women who died in the war in Afghanistan. The party that enables and cheers him on has no business holding power.”

In the war against Trump, I’d share a foxhole with Rubin anytime, Republican or not.

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