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Jennifer Boddicker Joins Progressive Legislative Candidates to Fight Red Tide

Last week, I wrote about several red tide experts running for legislative office here in the Sunshine State.

They are banding together to fight this crisis. This is a press release from the Boddicker campaign that I figured needed sharing:

TO: Florida News Media                    October 19, 2018

From:   Dr. Jennifer Boddicker

Candidate for Florida House of Representatives, District 80

Myself–a microbiologist–and several other scientists running for the Florida Legislature vow to fight for environmental issues, especially water quality. Lax environmental enforcement for the past eight years has led to red tide and toxic algae catastrophe in our water and on our beaches. Rick Scott and his Legislature de-funded the Department of Community Affairs, responsible for growth management, and gutted the Department of Environmental Protection and Water Management Districts, responsible for water quality monitoring and enforcement. The results of Rick Scott’s gross mismanagement are clear: massive marine kills from harmful algal blooms–fed by fertilizer and sewage run-off. Human health and safety suffer, as well as Florida's beaches and tourism economy.

This is a complex problem, requiring systematic, layered solutions. However, one thing is abundantly clear: We must stop polluting the water. Once elected, Dr. Jennifer Boddicker (House District 80), Annisa Karim (Senate District 28), Lindsay Cross (Senate District 24), Dr. Katie Tripp (Florida House 25), and Dr. Parisima Taeb (House District 78), along with science advocate Mel Martin (Senate District 14), pledge to hold polluters accountable. As a coalition, we will quickly craft legislation to reinstate rigorous monitoring and enforcement of evidence-based nutrient pollution standards for all waterways in the state.

We call on gubernatorial candidate running mates Andrew Gillum and Chris King to support our efforts.

To learn more about Florida candidates who support evidence-based policy, see

For More Information, contact:

Jennifer Boddicker (319) 541-5441 or at

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