Jen Psaki uses gas price rise & the poor gotcha question to ding GOP to highlight Biden policies

Jen Psaki schools Peter Doocy on migrant children

The reporter attempted to trip Jen Psaki with the offhanded implication that Biden is responsible for high gas prices and unconcern for the poor.

Jen Psaki turns the question

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I follow the White House press conference daily. Watching Jen Psaki navigate, answer, and even spin the press (mostly those on the Right but every so often a bit disingenuous with all) is an art form. One knows she is good because she does it so effortlessly. I would hate it if she were working on the side of evil.

This exchange was an important one that every Democrat and Progressive should mimic. It is clear the reporter had a bias, and she was ready for the question.

The reporter started his question by implying that President Biden was responsible for the hike in gas prices and then attempted to garner favor with the masses by pointing out said increases would be hard on the poor.

As soon as the reporter made the association, Psaki interrupted him to point out that Republican policy to fund infrastructure through user fees will hurt the poor as they purchase their gasoline.

Psaki did not stop there as she pointed out that the American Rescue Plan continues to provide relief to Americans. That relief does offset price increases.

What Jen did not say could have been immediately inferred. After all, Republican governors across the country are starting to deny the federal unemployment compensation from the American Rescue Plan. In effect, what Biden giveth, the Republicans taketh away.

Psaki understands that, especially in these times, she must use every opportunity she gets to counter the false narratives coming from the Right. Doing so slows down, eventually stops, and then reverses the metastasis of the Republican fraud.

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  • May 24, 2021