Jen Psaki 'swings' at reporter parroting GOP talking point Biden is in control of American Jobs Plan

Jen Psaki swings at reporter parroting GOP talking point Biden is in control of American Jobs Plan

Jen Psaki did not let a reporter use the Right-Wing Republican talking point to fester. She made it clear President Biden is in charge of the American Jobs Plan.

Jen Psaki did not let the trope slip by

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A reporter asked a legitimate question but then shrouded it in a Right-Wing Republican talking point.

“On infrastructure, Republicans are saying in their Oval Office meeting with President Biden two weeks ago,” the reporter said. “The President indicated he was comfortable with one trillion dollars over eight years. Is that accurate?”

That was a legitimate question. But that was not enough for the reporter. He had to ask the question that attempted to give the impression of a neutered president,

“And secondly,” the reporter continued. “They are also saying that the White House staff has since ignored that sort of offer if that is the right word.”

Really? You are just going to throw out a narrative that the Right-Wing has been trying to get into the mainstream media? Jen Psaki did not take kindly to that question. Watch and listen to her tonality.

“Let me just peel the curtains back for you a little bit,” Psaki said sarcastically. “I don’t know if that’s peeling the curtains back. But you know what I am saying. The counter-proposal that our team put forward on Friday was approved by the President was signed off by the President. Every single detail of that was directed by the President of the United States. He was in the Senate for 36 years. I can promise you he does not take a hands-off approach to legislating, negotiating, and determining what kind of counter-proposal we should put forward.

Psaki then went ahead and described in detail what the offer was. She said it was now the Republican’s turn to do their part.

This is one press secretary that listens keenly. She does not allow anything to slip by, which can later be enhanced on by the Right.

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  • May 25, 2021