Jen Psaki swats silly Fox News-like questions about Biden & Maxine Waters' Chauvin trial comment

Jen Psaki swats silly Fox News-like questions about Biden & Maxine Waters' Chauvin trial comments

America faces many problems. Why would Kristen Welker & WH reporters ask Jen Psaki silly Fox News-like questions about Biden and Maxine Waters’s statement on Chauvin’s trial?

Jen Psaki had to swat the same silly question over & over

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The press conference was a disgrace. The White House reporters spent an inordinate amount of time questioning the president comments that he hoped the appropriate decision came down. Kristen Welker also implied that the president should condemn Representative Maxine Waters’ comments about getting active and confrontational if an American did not see it fit to convict a police officer who murdered a black man for all the world to see.

Do they not understand that peaceful or non-peaceful protests are both confrontational? Where was this questioning ad nauseam during the Trump administration, which is responsible for the deaths of over 500,000 Americans and exacerbation of a bold, in-your-face white supremacy in America?

At least CNN got the faux outrage about the Maxine Waters dust-up perfectly. Maybe these reporters should have watched it before entering the White House press room.

Millions of Americans are behind on their rents and mortgages. Where were those questions. Millions of Americans are without healthcare after the pandemic. The entire White House press pool needs to be replaced. They are getting just as shallow as Fox News.

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  • April 20, 2021
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