Jen Psaki rebuked reporter: Less worried about press conferences & political games being played.

Jen Psaki dismisses reporter: Less worried about press conferences & political games being played

Jen Psaki put another reporter into a stutter as yet again another right-wing hack comes unprepared to a White House press conference.

Jen Psaki continues her poise against silly questions

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It was yet again Jen Psaki at her best, poised as she challenged another silly question from a likely Right-Wing leaning reporter. What is amazing is that these reporters keep repeating the same mistake. And their unpreparedness is astounding.

“What do you say to those who are criticizing the president and vice-president,” the Right-Wing reporter asked. “Who have not to date made an in-person visit to the Southwest border.”

Jen Psaki just needed to go back to her old playbook from the previous Right-Wing reporter.

“Who are those?” Psaki asked.

“There has been a lot of people who are criticizing,” the Right-Wing hack continued. “the fact that they have not made the trip to the border yet.”

“Who?” Psaki insists on a response.

He then gave the silliest answer.

“Those in the Republican Party and criticism from others,” he responded.

Really guy? Of course, the Republicans would be criticizing.

“I don’t know who I am responding to,” Psaki replied.

“One of the Senators held a press conference where that was a major criticism,” the reporter responded.

He then said the Senator complaining was Florida Republican Rick Scott. Jen Psaki could not help but smirk. With so many more important issues in the country, he is concerned about a visit to the border.

Jen Psaki updated the uninformed reporter on the progress the Biden administration had made. She reminded him of the disaster that was left the lap of the administration. But it is her closing answer to the question and press conference that really mattered.

“Our focus is working through the interagency process,” Psaki continued. “Pressing to eliminate bureaucracy. And making sure that we are taking steps that treat them in a humane and moral way. And less worried about press conferences and political games being played.”

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  • May 14, 2021
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