Once again, Jen Psaki had to challenge a reporter’s false premise and then school him on the question he asked.

Jen Psaki strikes again

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Jen Psaki continues to be effective at her job as the White House Press Secretary. Today she had to tackle a reporter who seemed to remain in the whole modal of defining bipartisanship,

In the process of defending his outdated position, he did not realize that he was given elective official preeminence over those who put them there.

After the reporter challenged President Joe Biden’s bipartisanship, Psaki civilly told him that it was the media’s responsibility to ask Republican politicians why they are going against their constituents’ wishes.

The reporter suggested that using polls was not relevant because they change. Jen Psaki made it clear polls supporting infrastructure have been consistent and admonished him for suggesting that the constituents did not matter.

Jen Psaki then followed up by itemizing all the things in the infrastructure bill that are widely supported. More importantly, she pointed out that many of the policies benefit Republican constituents more so than others.

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