Jeff Flake gets dosed and winds up pulling the train for Trump and the Republicans


Jeff Flake (JF):  This party is getting out of hand.

Lindsey Graham (LG): Oh it gets that way sometimes Jeff.  You know that. Those unethical democrats get overwrought and all this happens.

JF: I want to go home.

Chuck Grassley (CG): Don’t go home Jeff.  Stay and party with us. We’re the cool kids.

JF: I want to go home. Where’s my friend Chris Coons?

LG: Oh he's over there with his friends. He doesn’t really care about you.

JF: This is all making me uncomfortable.

LG: Why don’t you take a little glass of FBI investigation. That will make you comfortable. I promise.

JF: I should talk to Chris Coons.

CG: Oh forget about him. Just take a little drinkee and everybody will feel better.

JF: There’s nothing wrong with it is there.

LG: We’re your friends Jeff.  Why would we do that? We have to see each in committee every day.

CG: Just stay and say you want an investigation. Easy as that. And if you don’t like it you can go home.

JF: Why don’t you just let me go home

LG: Everybody is going to think you are a wuss if you leave.  I doubt you’ll find out about another party.

JF: One drink and then I leave okay?

CG: Whatever you say Jeff.

Jeff Flake takes the drink of FBI investigation and buckles at the knees.  Lindsay Graham and Chuck Grassley carry him to a bedroom door where Mitch McConnell is standing.

MM: Looks like you guys got him good.

LG: Oh he decided to have a good time.

MM: Donald Trump gets the first turn.  He gets really upset if he’s not first. Then let’s let McGann have a turn. He worked really hard to get this whole party together.  Then me, then some others can get a turn. How about you Lindsey.

LG:  No, no, maybe, ahm another time.

For what it’s worth I don’t believe Flake was in on it. He really did look sincere.  And I don’t think he'd want his last national act to be one of humiliation.