Jared Kushner found with gun over dead body. While not saying he did anything wrong it does raise…


…maybe, just maybe questions should be raised.  We can’t prove anything of course and he demands the benefit of the doubt. But perhaps there is some connection. Okay, I am just sick of this. Jared Kushner meets with Apollo Global Management.  A month later his cash starved family business get a 180 million dollar cash infusion. Okay enough for almost any person in presidential history to resign and go into hiding.  Not Jared.  Did anybody actually see Apollo give Jared garbage bags full of money. No? Well okay.  Bad optics, but you know, it’s Jared.  And now we find out a month after that the SEC dropped its case against Apollo. Is there a prosecutor in the world that wouldn’t be filing charges before the ink on the report was dry?

I think one of the worst aspects of Trump Inc. is that people have stopped believing in our criminal justice system as a democratic institution. It has always been for the rich but come on, this is absolutely ridiculous. Why isn’t Kushner being hounded to resign? Why isn’t he under indictment? Why isn’t he covered in flop sweat every time we see him?