Jake Tapper lets the Mississippi Governor spin infrastructure bill lies. We correct the record.

Jake Tapper lets Mississippi Governor spin infrastructure bill lies We correct the record

CNN’s Jake Tapper allows Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves to spin and misrepresent the infrastructure bill. We correct the record.

Jake Tapper was not on his game here

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Jake Tapper generally would not allow the likes of the perennial lying governor, Tate Reeves, to get away with the statements the governor made. Read the White House Fact Sheet to understand the basics of the American Jobs Plan.

Jake Tapper pointed out that Governor Reeves state is in dire straits. Jackson, Mississippi, still does not have fully functional potable water throughout the entire city. The Mississippi infrastructure report is dismal.

Mississippi gets a “D” for drinking water, wastewater, Dams, & levees. It gets a “D-” on roads and bridges. To have this guy disparage an infrastructure bill is rich, especially from a Red State that is a taker, dependent on government even as they tout low taxes.

The governor claims that the bill is not an infrastructure bill. Why? It is not all roads and bridges. It includes pipes for clean water and infrastructure to charge electric cars, which concerns him.

Well, the bill also includes broadband, modification of buildings, etc. What planet is this governor from? Why didn’t Tapper correct him right there and then?

But the most nonsensical statement had to do with jobs. Forget about whether it is called infrastructure for the sake of argument. The fact that so many things will get done and workers will be doing it by default makes his statement a lie. The American Jobs Plan will create millions of jobs quickly.

Jake Tapper allowed the governor to use our airwaves to misinform. It is time to end the practice.

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  • April 5, 2021