Jaime Harrison, the man who will dethrone Trump’s yes-man, Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Jaime Harrison sat down with Politics Done Right to discuss his senatorial candidacy challenging Lindsey Graham (D-SC). He says he will win. Watch the interview. This man is poised to take out Graham.

Jaime Harrison out to beat Lindsey Graham

Jaime Harrison is the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. He is currently the associate chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Most importantly Jamie is poised to do his part to ensure 2020 brings in a Democratic Senate. He decided to challenge Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina.

Harrison points out that it is not enough to be just anti-Lindsey Graham or anti- Trump. As a candidate, he expects to tell his potential constituents how he will make their lives better. Jaime reminded us that Lindsey Graham had become a serial flipflopper with his support of Donald Trump.

If there is one person who could beat Graham, Harrison is the man. He knows the pulse of South Carolina and he could ride the wave in 2020.