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Jaime Harrison strips the bark off Trump and his woebegone ventriloquist dummy, Lindsey Graham

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What’s the old saying? When you live in Donald Trump’s sigmoid colon, you shouldn’t throw stones? Something like that.

Lindsey Graham insisted that his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, release his tax returns. Harrison waited a few days and then delivered this zinger: 


Uh … 

Did Graham really think Harrison would wait — let’s see here — 1,919 days like his ocher overlord, Donald Trump? Or did he figure, yeah, most candidates without sketchy business records and mob ties can just release their records without embarrassment … but hey, I’ll be able to wail about this faux outrage for a good five days before Twitter Super Poligrips itself to my Netherlands and twists like an Atlantic City taffy-pulling machine?


— Dan Rather (@DanRather) September 15, 2020

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) September 15, 2020


— CatMom (@SMSCats2) September 15, 2020

— 🦋🌸ᗰᗴᒪᎥᔕᔕᗩ🌸🦋 (@MeliMels99) September 15, 2020


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So, yeah. Kind of an unforced error. Like supporting Donald Trump in the first place.

You can help rid this country of Donald Trump’s li’l pocket pet Lindsey by supporting Jaime Harrison in his senatorial bid.

The latest Quinnipiac poll has them tied. This is doable.

So let’s do it.

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