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I've started a new media newsletter, Press Run, to help hold the press accountable

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Because now more than ever.

Press Run is my proudly progressive dissection of the political press. And in this crucial election year, I feel like it's more important than ever. Press Run promises fearless media criticism. It will be a community where we'll find fault, sing some praise, and search for solutions.

At a time when such a radical White House player is eagerly chipping away at our freedoms and our Constitution, it's imperative the news media stand up to the unprecedented challenge at hand — a press corps that doesn't turn away from truth telling or holding the powerful accountable. A press corps that demands more than access from our leaders.

For years, the press has been bringing a knife to Trump's gunfights—over and over, to the point where there's obviously been a calculation made by the access-hunger Beltway press to not push too hard. To not accurately call the president a “liar” or a “racist,” or to question his mental stability.

Trump's on pace to tell 16,000 lies in four years, but newsrooms aren't allowed to use the L-word. In terms of race coverage, news consumers have been served a feast of euphemisms — “racially tinged,” “racially charged,” racially incendiary, disparaging,” “racially infused,” “crass epithet,” “crass denigrations,” bluntly vulgar language” — as journalist frantically try to avoid being truthful about Trump. This, while journalists strain mightily to suggest Republicans and Democrats today are equally honorable the fact-driven.

“So many ‘Savvy Washington Insiders’ and ‘fair journalists’ are actually in on the con,” Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) lamented on Twitter. “They know one side is absolutely bonkers but they are deeply, personally attached to the fake objectivity that allows them to be blind to cruelty and racism manifested as public policy.”

He's right. And the press should say so. The grim reality is that access journalism, or the dream of it under Trump, is eroding American democracy.

White House press briefings have now disappeared, as have public briefings at the Pentagon. What was once unthinkable inside the Beltway has quickly become the norm as the President of the United States paints reporters as “enemies of the people,” and news outlets refuse to take a collective stand.

With Press Run, you’ll get unflinching analysis and commentary that you won’t find anywhere else.

To date, I've already tackled these topics at Press Run:

-”CNN snubbed: How the D.C. press makes it so easy for Trump to bully them”

-”Media touts McConnell's impeachment cover-up as being super savvy”

-”Is D.C. media up for the Senate impeachment challenge?”

-”Every reporter knew Trump was lying about Iran — but none would say so”

-”Why 2016 press failures keep haunting the Beltway media”

If you've followed my media writing and commentary over the years at Salon, Media Matters, here at Daily Kos, or the hundreds of television and radio appearances I've made, know that Press Run is where all my future writing will appear. It's my new home and I'm excited about growing a community there.

If you haven't subscribed yet, please take some time and come look at the site. Signing up is free and easy.


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