Ivanka's Fashion Line Exempted from Trump's Chinese Tariffs (Yes, Really)

Has this contemptible carney family stopped even bothering to try  to appear non-corrupt

Ivanka Trump‘s clothing manufacturing company will be exempt from new proposed tariffs against China.

Just like Donald Trump’s mass-produced cheap clothing, Ivanka Trump’s fashion line is completely manufactured in China. Now, Trump officials swear that there was a carefully thought-out “algorithm” to determine who would get tariffs in order to have the “lowest impact” on Americans. Therefore, logically, we have a massive trade war over material being used to build everything from buildings, machines, roads, and cars. But tacky shoes? Thank goodness—you’re fine.

I’m certain the only math Trump used in that algorithm had to deal with Ivanka's measurements.  (Sorry, but he really does fetishize his daughter. And this is another example of how his issues impact all of us.)  

On a completely unrelated note, China happened to approve several new trademarks for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line the exact same day she had dinner with President Xi Jinping in her official capacity as White House advisor.

Perish the thought she’d ever use her offical capacity to help her business. She would never do that, except when she does.  All the time.  Like when she was hit with a copyright lawsuit alleging she stole a shoe design. A Trump lawyer essentially argued she couldn’t be sued as a “high-ranking government official”.  She also used her position to avoid comment on labor violations in her sweat shop factories.

This kind of thing you’d expect from a third-world, corrupt dictatorship, which this administration is looking more like every day. (And thanks for your complicitness, GOP. Those tax cuts for the wealthy were so worth our democracy.)

To all those auto workers who are facing layoffs because of Trump’s ridiculous and universally-panned tariffs on steel and aluminium, I’m so sorry.

All I can say is it really sucks that Ivanka just didn’t own a car company.