Ivanka trial balloon for a senate run was always false, and Lara Trump is rated NC – serious

Ted Cruz still blames his daughters for that Cancun trip and Trump’s daddy’s girls are not quite as political as we had previous thought. Trump may have also gotten a “target letter” indicating that something something is coming for him. Much like Trump trying to get Ivanka in at the World Bank, there’s more vaporware happening.

Rumors that Ivanka Trump, former president Donald Trump‘s daughter, will run to take Florida’s Senate seat from Marco Rubio in 2022 are incorrect, according to those close to both parties.
Nick Iacovella, a spokesman for Mr Rubio, told The New York Times that the two had spoken and that Ms Trump would not be challenging him for the seat.

“Marco did speak with Ivanka a few weeks ago,” Mr Iacovella said “Ivanka offered her support for Marco’s re-election. They had a great talk.”

A source speaking with the Times said Ms Trump apparently was never seriously considering a Senate run.

While Mr Trump’s daughter may not be seeking office, his daughter-in-law is poised to enter the race for North Carolina’s Senate seat.
Rumors that Lara Trump, who is married to Mr Trump’s son, Eric, will primary Republican Sen. Richard Burr in North Carolina have been circling for months.

Trump may have received a target letter:

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