I think we all need a little uplift.  Here lately, we are making our own uplifting.  LOL.

I wrote this incident to my BFF and we got a kick out of it so maybe ya’ll will as well.  

I get so tired of the Trumpsters in this area pushing and pushing and pushing their agenda.   Biggest cult of the Trump Cult can be found right here in my community.  Of course I am expected to get some pie thrown at me for this but hey, it is what it is and was what it was.   

I went to the convenience store yesterday.  That is about the only place I go anymore since Florida has rolled in the national guard and we all are pretty much in a bit of isolation mode.   I know the folks well at the convenience store.  They could handle this sort of thing better but since the few or less vocal democrats know most of the LE and everyone else are Trump supporters, I think they just know it would be a waste of time to put out a call to stop this nonsense.   

I pulled in and was listening to MSNBC on my Sirius Radio channel and cut the engine to run into the store…wash my hands and go back home when lo and behold I noticed I  had parked next to a van that looked like it was going to a parade.   I wished that I had my phone with me to take a pic but I didn’t.   This van had Trump stickers and rebel flags and all kinds of grafitti all over the van.  I honestly could not tell you what color the van was as it was so stickered up.   

I glanced over at the van and took a deep breath trying to figure out whether to leave or just scream.  I am so sick of seeing this all over this area,  One of the girls sitting outside was shaking her head and looking at the van.  She worked  at the store and was taking a break.

I thought and thought and finally before I could completely exit and go in the store I was approached.

You will laugh at what I just did.   I went to the convenience store and there was some dummy out there with van painted up saying FOR SALE…Trump / Pence flags and hats.  The people in the store had asked him to leave but he didn't.   I was sitting right next to him in my car and he walked to me and said, ” Want a trump flag”?  LOL.  I said, ” What does a Trump Flag look like”?  He said,  Well HON.. ( ugh)   it says No more Bullshit.  Trump for President.   He said, ” you want one”.  I said, “Nope”.  I'll take a Biden flag though, you got one of them?  I mean if it says no more bullshit, you got the wrong name on that flag.   He got in his car and left without saying a word… ROFL… I was in that kind of mood.  

He cranked that van or Trump Cult wagon, whichever it was and left and a lady sitting outside that worked inside high fived me.. ( I washed my hands right afterwards).  She said, ” I was cracking up.  He sure got out of here quick didn't he?   We were just laughing.  I said, ” Well he is gonna run off your business, with that crap.  People can vote for who they want to but peddling that crap on your lot is gonna cost you customers.  She said, “I know”.  He comes in here preaching trump and some people walk out.  I don't want to hear it…But nobody says anything.  I said, “Well I am tired of them and their pushing so I said something”.   Biden flag request is what I wanted  and  all it took for him to scamper off like a rabbit. SOOOOOOOOOOO typical of people pushing an agenda and bothering folks who despise their hero.

That is me.  People love me or hate me but that is just me.  Throw pie now and tell me I should have just ignored but that is not really me.   I can ignore for so long but this man needed to know there were still a few dems around.  

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