It's still early for time to be running out

There have been some challenges for the Harris campaign, including some being framed by RW and MSM, with a recent staff shake-up.

Some of us want the Harris campaign to overcome difficult internal strife in a fluid and historic year. Many excuses are being made as money becomes more important and there’s the single-digit polling. Yet every report has had encouraging signs.

The RW and now the MSM has seized on every opening while the usual horseracing media obscures how uncertain the 2020 primaries remain.

The stories of bad campaign management abound, but whether the candidate survives is still up to so many other factors including those undecided/indecisive caucus goers. 

“While I still believe that Senator Harris is the strongest candidate to win in the General Election in 2020, I no longer have confidence in our campaign or its leadership,” former staffer Kelly Mehlenbacher wrote in her resignation letter. “The treatment of our staff over the last two weeks was the final straw in a very difficult decision.”

Mehlenbacher accepted a job earlier this week with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a late entry into the race, according to Politico.…

Harris’ campaign has experienced significant turbulence as she fell far behind in polls. That includes layoffs and redeployments to Iowa, where she’s banking on a come-from-behind, top-three finish to jumpstart her spiraling chances in South Carolina.
Mehlenbacher was among a group of staffers who tendered their resignations amid the latest round of layoffs, which hit the operations team hard. The staff reductions and subsequent shifts have focused renewed attention on deep and long-standing dysfunction among the campaign’s top leaders.

Harris is trying to lift her candidacy from the low-single digits with a tenacious schedule that has her campaigning with family — and cooking — on Thanksgiving in Iowa. She has worked to navigate the internal dissension and improve her standing by correcting for mistakes that dogged her for much of the year, such as moving from defensive crouches to going on offense against her opponents on health care and her criminal justice record.…